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Application Development 

Sage (Line 500 and Sage 1000) comes in vanilla flavour out of the box and no matter how good the standard software is there are businesses that require the system to perform certain functions or business processes which standard Sage doesn’t support.  To this end we have in-depth knowledge of the Sage developers network and their offerings and these seamlessly integrate into Sage as if they were Sage modules themselves, these include: 

       ·         Electronic Point-of-Sale
       ·         Engineering Change Control and Drawing register,
       ·         Customer Returns,
       ·         Electronic Data Capture (Shop floor data capture),
       ·         Billing,
       ·         Configure-to-Order,
       ·         Enhanced Sales Order Processing,
       ·         Automated MRP and POP processing
       ·         CAD Import routines. 


In addition to those stated above, we also offer an analysis and feasibility service for any bespoke requirement your business may require. It may be just a tweak to the standard software or a FCE (Form control Extension) which needs to be written.  We only support bespoke when a proven business need is evident.  If you can accommodate the business requirement within the standard offering with little process change then the need for bespoke is removed.  The service we provide is fully encompassing from the initial survey of requirements and scope to the writing of any technical specification and subsequent delivery and testing of any resultant software.