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Data Conversion   

Migration from other systems or data repositories does not have to be painful or involve intermediary time consuming conversions to make data compatible to the destination system.   The majority of our implementations involve data migration where the quantity of data justifies the need for some form of conversion.  Even an upgrade of an existing system may involve more advanced database design and it is not often sufficient simply to extract and import data as is. It is extremely important that key data, for example: Nominal ledger balance, open items AP/AR, Stock , Bill OF Materials, Customer/Supplier Masters etc, be migrated properly.

Gold Disk Computers will perform this task for you, taking away the pain of your having to ensure that the migration of your data is in line with the data requirements of the new system. At the same time we will always endeavour; wherever possible; to advise on data redundancy or risks so that when migration is complete your system data is as clean as possible.