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Product Overview

3rd Party complimentary software for Sage ERP, or used in stand-alone implementations.

       ·         Warehouse Manager
       ·         Works Manager
       ·         Time Manager
       ·         Card Manager
       ·         Prism
       ·         Access Manager and Asset Manager.

Datalinx is a customer focused major system provider with a broad portfolio of software and systems for industry and commerce. Central to all Datalinx systems is the traceability of product or human resources. Since its formation in 1989, Datalinx has continued to develop and enhance its reputation in the field of tracking and costing. The companies' major products of Warehouse Manager and Works Manager demonstrate the continued investment necessary to maintain the position of market leader. It is from these core products that other tracking systems and barcode application knowledge have been developed. Datalinx has installed and currently supports systems world wide with installations in the UK, Eire, Central and Eastern Europe, USA and the Far East.

The above systems can integrate with varying versions of Sage software so you can truly make Sage a real-time information system for your shop-floor, warehouse management or for your payroll.