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Sage Line 500 : Distribution 

 Benefits at a glance  


  • · Cuts costs by minimising your investment in inventory, improving stock management and     
      optimising transport resources
  • · Helps you develop and maintain market share by offering telesales support, enhancing service 
      levels and providing flexible ordering/payment options
  • · Maximises the value of your supply chain and supports you in building strong partner networks
  • · Keeps your finger on the pulse with business alerts


Build market share through exceptional - and profitable
Customer service Sage Line 500 Distribution supports you in the drive to deliver levels of service that exceed customers' expectations, while closely managing your costs. It provides the necessary integrated processes and information flows to help you supply total quality in terms of products, service and after-sales support.The order processing options within Sage Line 500 Distribution give you maximum flexibility in fulfilling customers' individual requirements on ordering and payment methods, order size, delivery times and packaging and labelling.At the same time, comprehensive reporting and evaluation of market trends, analysed by product, market sector and geography, give you a clear picture of where your best opportunities for profit lie.Companies handling large volumes of orders over the telephone will be interested in the new telesales module, which can handle a multitude of requirements, including mail order and counter sales, in a variety of industries.


Focus your supply chain and your resources on customer satisfaction
Supplying excellence in service demands strong partner networks that are concentrated on continuous improvement in customer service. Sage Line 500 Distribution helps you manage a seamless flow of information and goods from supplier to end consumer. You will reduce inventory and manage stock to satisfy your customers in a cost-effective way.
Sage Line 500 Distribution keeps you fully in control, even in multiwarehouse environments, with real-time multisite views of current and expected stock and extensive inventory management features.


Create an effective purchasing strategy to reduce your financial commitment
An efficient purchasing strategy balances high customer service levels with minimal financial commitment. Through its extensive support for purchase requisitioning, Sage Line 500 Distribution helps you create a centrally managed, flexible purchasing operation that keeps you fully in control.



Be fully alert to significant events
Being able to react quickly to occurrences or conditions that could potentially affect - or harm - your profitability or service levels is vital for sustained success. Sage Line 500 'sounds the alarm' by alerting your nominated person to respond to predefined business events, by your choice of eMail, phone, SMS, pager, fax, or over the web when configured to work with business alerting software.



Inventory Control
Effective Inventory Control is the cornerstone of an Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) strategy, the premise of which is to deliver maximum customer service at an acceptable cost. For most companies a stock holding of some kind is a necessary evil if high service levels are to be maintained. The supply of goods, whether manufactured or purchased, has to track demand as closely as possible. Inventory Control provides all the necessary tools and information to enable you to minimise your investment in stock and depot resources whilst ensuring a high level of service.


Sales Order Entry
Sales Order Entry allows organisations to achieve high levels of customer service by enabling efficient entry of orders and timely delivery of goods. Sales Order Entry is fully integrated with the Contract Management, Financial and Manufacturing modules providing all of the necessary tools and information to allow companies to gain a competitive edge by delivering exceptional levels of customer service.


Sales Invoicing and Analysis
Comprehensive analysis of the sales activity, both by profitability and market trends, is key to ensuring business growth and customer service. Sales Invoicing and Analysis provides accurate cost of sales with full margin visibility. Integration with the General Ledger provides for sales revenue and cost of sales analysis by customer, warehouse and product.

Purchase Order Processing
Purchase Ordering Processing provides all of the necessary tools and information to allow you to develop cost-effective strategies geared towards delivering high levels of customer service. This is enabled by matching key purchasing decisions back to forecast and actual demand.



Telesales Order Entry & Utilities
The telesales system offers end-users the opportunity to capitalise on the contact they have with their customers. Whether their solution is proactive (outbound telemarketing) or reactive (inbound order processing), the combination of speed, flexibility and information improves the service to the customer and maximises sales. The Order Entry module offers a fast order capture facility particularly suited to a telesales environment. The Utilities module offers a wide range of reporting facilities including operator performance and sales trend analysis.


Purchase Requisitions
Target customer service levels, economies of scale and overall financial commitment are all factors that need to be built in to an efficient purchasing strategy. Requisitioning provides comprehensive financial control over the purchasing process. Configurable requisition authorisation enables a hierarchical process that may involve requisition supervisors, buyers and budget controllers. Costs are minimised by consolidating multiple requisitions for the same supplier into a single purchase order, ensuring an efficiently managed centralised purchasing operation. Purchasing commitment is tracked through to the General Ledger with real-time budget consumption built into the requisition authorisation process.


Point of Sale
Sage Line 500 offers functionality for Point of Sale and Mail Order operations. It is particularly appropriate where you have a mixed requirement for counter sales and back office order processing from the same common stock holding.
The system allows the user to handle instant orders which may either be over the counter or mail order and include credit cards or other 'cash' payment methods. Credit cards can be validated on-line or as an overnight batch process using the latest validation and authorisation checks.





Post Code Search
Sage Line 500 includes a module which allows the operator to enter a Post Code to retrieve the basic customer address details at a number of different points in the Telesales Order Entry process. This can also be undertaken when using Telesales to enter details of new customers ( both on the Sales Ledger customer file or the Telesales Customer file). It can also be used when the user wishes to enter or am.