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Sage Line 500 : E-Business

Benefits at a glance  

· Trade with your customers 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world
· Offer direct and easy remote access to business information from anywhere in the world
· Provide your customers with unrivalled service with the latest product pricing, descriptions and stock
  information the moment it is updated
· Provide employees with a tailored desktop solution for easy access to business information, applications
  and resources

Improve internal efficiency

Using a complete business management system like Sage Line 500 allows businesses to monitor and report in real time on issues and events on the shop floor that could affect productivity such as the frequency of machine breakdowns or absenteeism. Web integration means that this level of control can also be extended to mobile employees or partners who can have secure remote access to corporate resources.

Maximise customer service

A company's eBusiness cannot operate in isolation from the established business. Integrating the customer-facing website with back-office functions enables customers to browse online for product information, gain access to their account details, access their product inventory information as well as creating and tracking their own orders. When a customer places an order via the web the back-office system is immediately updated so the website accurately reflects the current inventory status. This cuts the cost of doing business and duplication of effort is minimised by customers entering their own orders.



e-Business Modules

Web Sales

Web Sales is a packaged set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) which can be used to build an eCommerce solution to enable nominated customers to select products and place sales orders themselves. It also manages online stock enquiries and has the ability to enquire upon the status of their own outstanding sales orders.

Web Client

Web Client provides a low cost, remote access solution for Sage Line 200 and Sage Line 500 users. Business information can be accessed using an Internet browser through a central resource, thereby lowering administration costs. Web Client is easy to manage which lowers IT administration costs and its suitable for both office-based and off-site employees. Web Client supports SSL encryption techniques so you can use it for remote access to your Sage system over public networks.

Web Portal

Web Portal provides a centralised access or portal to your business bringing information and resources together, making them all easily to hand. The great advantage of Web Portal is that users can customise it to match their priorities, responsibilities and span of control. When users log on, their ID or password can act as a filter to configure the portal and determine which pages they can view. The system is very easy to set up and because you can configure what each user has access to, it is easy to prevent unauthorised access to commercially sensitive data. This centralised single interface brings together all the information that managers need to run their business. Web Portal also allows you to run Sage Line 500 and other software applications centrally and directly.

EDI Interfaces

The EDI modules offer an organisation a total package covering all of the components needed for a truly integrated system. These include connections to the most common EDI networks handling the various messaging standards and processing transactions to and from Sage Line 500. EDI gives your customer advance notice of goods despatched to allow them to plan the goods in process. It also allows you to record despatch confirmations from customers or third party systems, updating order status, stock and sales despatch history.

XML Interfaces

The XML modules are extensions to the existing EDI Modules. An XML message schema has been created for each of the common SOP and POP transactions enabling an easy integration path for the following; Purchase Orders / Sales Orders, Sales Acknowledgments / Purchase Order Amendments, Despatch Notes / Purchase Receipts, Sales Invoices / Purchase Invoices. The XML schemas for mapping onto customer or supplier specific schemas as required. The full functionality of the EDI modules can be harnessed to the XML messages to allow the feature rich rule-based system to process these messages in and out of Sage Line 500.