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Sage Line 500 : Finance

Benefits at a glance

· Provides tight financial control with full visibility of costs committed before expenditure is incurred
· Includes powerful reporting tools and evaluation of market trends to assist informed strategic decisions
· Manages your cash flow through close budget control and efficient purchase requisitioning
· Supports international business with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company features
. Cut the cost of doing business

Sage Line 500 Financials automates routine tasks and supports your users with a system that is easy to use and can be customised to suit their working style. Employee productivity is increased, while your administrative costs are reduced.

A global solution for your expanding business

As an integrated financial management system, Sage Line 500 Financials gives you control over your local or international business, while fully accommodating domestic markets including legal, accounting and taxation requirements. Sage Line 500 carries out international reporting in both local and head-office reporting currencies and at any level in the company hierarchy.

Operational and strategic information readily available. Fast, accurate reporting and analysis are essential to responding rapidly to changes in the day to day business environment and for long-term sustained success. Sage Line 500 Financials ensures that your critical decisions are firmly based on solid and concise information, consolidated across your enterprise. Managers and staff have access to comprehensive integrated information, including attachments such as spreadsheets and emails, with drill-down to the required level of detail or history. 


General Ledger

The Sage Line 500 General Ledger is the central hub of financial information. It provides a repository for company wide transactions that can be enquired upon and reported on in any number of ways. By providing the complete financial picture for your organisation, the General Ledger is not only essential to the integrated accounting system, but also to the strategic decision making of the company. It is configurable to meet the multi-national requirements of key territories around the world. Security exists at all levels, ensuring information is only available to those users who have the clearance to see it.

Accounts Payable

Sage Line 500 provides a sophisticated tool for handling all of your organisation's accounts payable. It gives you full control over your company's cash flow and immediate access to outstanding creditor information. Accounts Payable provides flexible authorisation control to meet the requirements of your own business processes. This can either be utilised in conjunction with Purchase Order Processing with full invoice matching or on a stand-alone basis. Flexible and secure payment methods are supported with full integration to Cash Management for reconciliation purposes. The system can handle both simple and complex foreign transactions. For those organisations in or trading with Europe, Sage Line 500 supports the triangulation rules and other requirements of the EMU, needed during the transition phase.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable provides you with effective debt management, ensuring that cash flow is optimised and that your company's overall balance sheet remains healthy. It is simple to use, yet extremely flexible, having the ability to cope with a variety of customer requirements, whether a simple account or a complex hierarchy of accounts. Sage Line 500 gives your organisation complete control over your receivables and provides all the necessary information that is required to make accurate and timely decisions. It manages your sales and debtor activity, providing you with up-to-the-minute information regarding aged debtor analysis. With the use of automated credit control facilities and reports, it will enable you to reduce outstanding debts. Comprehensive enquiry and reporting facilities allow you to track and manage sales information in a way that is totally suitable to your business operation.

Cash Management

With Cash Management, it is possible to keep up to date with your ever-changing bank balances, monitor cash flow accurately and make informed decisions about immediate expenditure. Cash Management allows you to monitor your company's financial exposure and provides you with the ability to fully reconcile your system with information provided from your bank accounts, whether manual or electronic. It is fully integrated with all the other financial ledgers ensuring that information is updated automatically without the need for re-keying, saving both time and effort. Cash Management allows you to record comprehensive details for all types of bank account with the ability to specify how each one is integrated with the General Ledger. The module also has the ability to cope with multi-currency and provides currency revaluation facilities to ease exchange difference exposure.



General Ledger Consolidation

For all organisations with more than one legal entity, consolidation provides a fast and easy period end process by automatically mapping subsidiary Chart of Account structures to the holding company structure, which could well be different. It will also automatically translate from the subsidiaries local currencies to the holding company structure if different. Translation differences created in the process are automatically handled. For those organisations with very complex legal entity structures, multiple levels of consolidation can be configured.

Absorption Costing

The Absorption Costing module has been designed to allow organisations to maintain both budgetary and actual period-based statistics, which can then be used as part of an absorption costing process. Users are able to create an unlimited number of statistical sets such as headcount or floor space, which can be configured to cross-reference each other and create service-level recharges across internal departments. The statistical data can be used within the account balance cascade and journal process, as the basis of reallocating costs on a pro-rata basis, fixed-charge basis or even a user-defined rule set.

Inter Entity Accounting

General Ledger journal processing enables entry of Inter-Unit accounting information i.e. target and source entities and General Ledger account code mapping rules. Inter-Unit Audit files are used to generate ASCII format files, which are in turn used to transport Inter-Unit journals from one Inter-Unit company to another.

Credit Management

Sage Line 500 Credit Management provides a centralised credit control function with an integrated transaction enquiry and call logging process. Full diary management is supported with automated target call lists by credit controller. Call logging supports entry of free-format text, cheque promise dates, ad-hoc generation of statements and reminder letters, along with simple cash flow forecasting.

Fixed Assets

Sage Line 500 Fixed Assets provides you with control over your assets and their depreciation. It can be used individually or as part of the procurement process with full integration to the General Ledger. You can record comprehensive information for each asset, any associated attachments to assist the management and tracking of these assets. The system has flexible depreciation methods to meet the requirements of both the commercial and public sectors.

Job Costing

Sage Line 500 Job Costing provides you with an up-to-date picture of the expenditure and revenue associated with specific projects. When using Job Costing in conjunction with the ledgers, it is possible to record purchases, revenues, time-sheets and payroll items for each job. You are also able to analyse the expenses and revenues posted from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory Control.


The Sage Line 500 Payroll module is fast, accurate and relieves you of the intricate and time-consuming task of calculating and checking each employee's pay. Built-in security ensures that confidential information is protected from unauthorised users. The payroll system supports key features such as multiple payrolls within a single company, the flexibility in building up each employee's pay whilst providing full compliance with all statutory requirements. One of the key benefits is that because it is fully integrated you can obtain comprehensive analysis of all payroll costs, throughout the solution.

Electronic Payments (BACS)

The BACS module integrates your system automatically with the external banking community. This saves time for both you and your payees. This module is fully integrated with the financial ledgers and supports multiple payment media. Full security is maintained including the support of passwords by BACSAFE or those issued by your bank.

International Payments

International Payments extends the BACS functionality to support flexible definition of output formats for multinational requirements, including the facility to split a single payment run into multiple output formats. For example, a customer in the Netherlands might want to pay suppliers in Belgium and France in a single remittance advice run.

Report Writer

Report Writer is designed to supplement the standard reports that are available. The data can be extracted from any aspect of the system and incorporated into a report. The layout of these reports can be tailored to meet your exact requirements with the reported output either printed or saved to a file.

Report Writer Language

Report Writer Language is the ideal accompaniment to Report Writer and allows the more advanced user to design complex reports using an easy-to-learn structured query language. You can extend the functionality of report definitions that have been created using the Report Writer and take advantage of the query you have created by simultaneously creating two or more reports from the same set of data; for example, a detailed report and a summary report.

Auditing & Security

This simple but powerful tool allows for specific events to be audited by recording related information whenever they occur. Generally, these events are database updates, additions, or deletions from a particular table. User-based security allows individual organisations to define the level of security they require over their database.

Data Import

This is a comprehensive, flexible tool that allows you to import data into Sage Line 500 from other software products, such as spreadsheets and databases. You can decide exactly how and when you want to import data thus ensuring that all of your data systems are fully integrated and that Sage Line 500 can accurately reflect external sources of information with minimal manual intervention.