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GDC Partners

GDC has a close working partnership with a number of resellers and developer’s of major systems such as manufacturing, accounting and ERP systems developed over a number of years.  


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UKita provides a national network of ICT specialists within small and medium sized businesses (SME). Find us on Ukita!

Cindercone specialise in the world of EDI, XML and Web Integration. An integration toolkit has grown into a fully rounded integration platform. The platform now allows Cindercone to integrate almost to any internal or external system albeit Sage was its original partnering.      

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   For more information click on image      Author of Electronic Document Management and Imaging software. This software enables the automated electronic storage, retrieval, management, enhancement and delivery of business documents such as invoices, purchase orders and statements.  Version One‘s   'paperless office' technology is seamlessly integrated into all major ERP systems.  The software is self financing and delivers improved levels of service and efficiency to any business.

Reseller of Sage mid range software to whom Gold Disk Computers have a support alliance.  Cpio can provide additional resource /support to complement our internal resource should this be required.        

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     For more information click on image                 Sage accredited developers who specialise in the bespoke, customisation and writing of Software to compliment Sages own software Line200, Sage Enterprise V2, V2.a and Line 500.Areas of speciality include: Manufacturing, Configure To Order,DR/ECN and Shop-floor data capture.



Datalinx is a customer focused major system provider with a broad portfolio of software and systems for industry and commerce. Central to all Datalinx systems is the traceability of product or human resources. Namely shop-floor data capture and time and attendance systems that seamlessly integrate with the Sage software stable.



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