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Sage 500 - Manufacturing

 Benefits at a glance 


  • ·Supports configure-to-order, manufacture-to-order and batch engineering.
  • ·Controls associated material, inventory and processing costs.
  • ·Monitors and reports on issues and events on the shop floor to maintain maximum productivity.
  • ·Eases the complexity of managing your own resources and subcontractors.
  • ·Supports you in meeting the requirements of broad markets or individual customers.



Powerful resource management
Whether you require support for an agile manufacturing organisation or for a batch engineering machine shop, Sage Line 500 Manufacturing gives you tight financial control of associated material and processing costs and real-time valuations of both completed operations and Work in Progress. You receive every assistance in managing the complexity of resources involved in manufacturing, encompassing both your own shop floor and subcontractors.

Maintain maximum productivity, with efficient shop-floor management
Sage Line 500 Manufacturing monitors and reports in real time on issues and events on the shop floor that could affect your productivity. You benefit from readily available detailed, focused information on work in progress and on predefined events such as the frequency of machine breakdowns or absenteeism.

Core Manufacturing Modules

Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials gives you total flexibility through its ability to handle both component listings and formulae. Bill of Materials has planning option percentages to simulate high level strategies and product families that can reflect the composition of complex relationships within a family of products, allowing planners to concentrate on the forecast model.

Works Order Processing
Works Order Processing provides the business with a comprehensive, dynamic, costing and control repository. It uses the detail supplied from the Bill of Materials and Routing modules and automatically creates works orders after Material Requirements Planning has optimised the timing and quantity. The moment anything happens, it is routed and controlled on a Works Order. Works Orders provide a reflection of actual build, mirroring what has happened on the factory floor. A Sage Line 500 Works Order is also truly 'live' until it has been completed, allowing alterations and amendments to dynamically record the actual materials and resources used to create the end product.

Material Requirements Planning
Material Requirements Planning provides a Direct Supply Response to meet customer demand. It may be driven from source demand elements e.g. sales orders, forecasts or works orders ensuring that all material requirements are supplied directly to meet consumer needs or by using the traditional Master Production Schedule to generate the best volume/mix per period. Whether the requirement is for a responsive, agile manufacturing company or for the batch engineering machine shop, the appropriate techniques are provided within Sage Line 500. 

Complementary Manufacturing Modules

Job Scheduler (AutoQ)
The Auto-Q module is a system that allows you to queue batch type functions for later processing at user specified times, instead of online. These programmes are typically reports and batch processing facilities such as file reorganisations that would normally be run manually.

Product Configuration
Product Configuration allows for the controlled creation of complex products to be achieved through a simple rule based question and answer session. The result is the automatic generation of Bill of Materials, Routes, Works Orders and Sales Orders. One question list produces a single source of all configured data which you can retain and fast-searched for future duplication. Product Configuration provides a complex quality product that is derived from a simple procedure.

Rough Cut Capacity Planning
Rough Cut Capacity Planning provides a rapid view of the capability of a business to build products within specified customer service levels. It is possible to identify certain bottlenecks and highlight areas where resources are being under-utilised. This prioritisation, whether by capital plant or by labour, provides a high level, fast first cut view of the resources needed, enabling management to adjust efficiently to consumer demand.

Routing provides a comprehensive suite designed to ease the management of the many other resources required to produce manufactured product economically and effectively. The complex shape and combination of resources associated with the modern shop floor can be easily maintained using the Routing module.

Sub Contract Control
Sub Contract Control allows for the enhanced management, documentation and visibility of routing operations that are to be actioned by third parties. Creation of purchase orders, control of material flow, transfer documentation, status and chasing facilities, costing to general and project ledgers, sub contractor timesheet entry, sub contractor self billing from timesheets are all included.

Work in Progress
Work in Progress contains real time links that show the status of any Works Order by cost, progress and customer. Event management is a quality enabler that codifies issues into groups set up by the user. The frequency of any event can then be reported, allowing improvements to be continuously applied and monitored. For example, identifying a machine that needs to be replaced rather than repaired or highlighting absenteeism by department.