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If you’re unsure what Sage software is or never heard of ERP then don’t be perturbed. We deal with Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500 which is off the shelve software to aid every discipline of your business. From Finance to Manufacturing and Distribution to Reporting; Sage software can handle it all.  Too many businesses are today struggling with recession and getting by with inadequate or over-wieldy systems they may be paper based or a combination of spreadsheets, access databases and stand-alone accounting systems.  Sage essentially brings this all together under one umbrella and with it brings much immediate efficiencies to the businesses and greater access to data so management can be informed prior to making key business decisions.  As much as British Standards forces Companies to adopt discipline and procedures in every aspect of its business so does the implementation of business solution software such as Sage. This aids the efficiency and sharing of information process.


· Sage 1000
· Sage Line 500
· Sage Line 200
· Bespoke Sage Modules and solutions
· Version One (DbForms,  DBFax, DBMail, DBBacs & DBArchive)
· EDI Integration
· Datalinx Sage 3rd Party complimentary software