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Businesses function much better when application software utilized by different departments are integrated.  Through integration and sharing of information between these departments businesses prosper through greater efficiency of data transfer & sharing, reduced duplication of data entry leading to more accuracy of data extracted and fast flow of information gathering and supply to customers.

Previously Sage has developed separate application solutions covering different areas of an organization which would then integrate with each other to provide greater benefits to the organization as whole.  Whilst Sage still develops Sage Line 500 and Sage MMS it can now also offer a new approach in the form of Sage 1000.


Sage 1000, released in 2006, is a single business management software application designed to span operations across mid-sized businesses.


Sage 1000 v2.1 was released in January 2008, with the addition of many new features and enhanced usability requested by customers.


Explore the overall benefits of deploying Sage 1000 across your business, or explore how Sage 1000 can manage your processes across all the functional areas below: