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Sage Line 1000 : Distribution

The power to deliverIn association with other functions in Sage 1000 system - notably in Supply Chain Management - the following key areas support your drive to deliver outstanding levels of service while carefully controlling costs. Stock management - Sage 1000 helps you to reduce inventory and manage stock in a cost-effective, controlled way, avoiding the risks of over-investing in expensive stock or leaving orders too late to satisfy your customers. It keeps you fully in control by providing real-time multi-site views of current and expected stock alongside extensive inventory management features.

Repetitive Route Scheduling
Sage 1000 helps you make more efficient use of resources (drivers and vehicles) by enabling you to set up details of these resources and standard routes (areas and days/dates).

Sage 1000 takes on the time-consuming yet important task of generating the loads (routes/delivery dates) to which orders can be allocated, while the user produces shipping documentation, such as picking lists and despatch notes, by load.