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Sage Line 1000 : Manufacturing  

Driving efficiency, driving growth

Whether your manufacturing operations are focused on broad markets or individual customer projects, Sage 1000 has the tools to help you do the job more efficiently with a wide range of modules covering Planning, Scheduling and Manufacturing Operations:

Planning and Scheduling

Material Requirements Planning
Provides a Direct Supply Response to meet customer demand. It may be driven from source demand elements e.g. sales orders, forecasts or works orders ensuring that all material requirements are supplied directly to meet consumer needs or by using the traditional Master Production Schedule to generate the best volume/mix per period. Whether the requirement is for a responsive, agile manufacturing company or for the batch engineering machine shop, the appropriate techniques are provided within Sage 1000.       

Production Scheduling
Built around the market leading Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solutions developed by Preactor International. The system helps you manage the simultaneous planning of material, capacity and other constraints, whilst responding rapidly to any changes. This powerful APS solution is tightly integrated with Sage 1000 as an out-of-the box solution that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.      

Graphical Planning
This module is also built around the market-leading Scheduling solutions developed by Preactor International. This is a sub-set of the Sage Production Scheduling system, providing single constraint graphical planning tools for businesses with simpler processes.

By managing either machinery or manpower as a constraint, Graphical Planning facilitates improvements in efficiency and allows you to view projected delivery dates and resource utilisation. This solution is tightly integrated with Sage 1000 as an out-of-the-box solution that can be implemented very quickly and cost effectively.

Graphical Master Production Scheduling

Also based on Preactor International's solution, Graphical MPS allows the creation of an optimised Master Production Schedule (MPS) using a graphical planning environment. This enables realistic, achievable production plans to be created against sales forecasts and target stock levels. Production is planned into capacity buckets of one week duration which may be set to finite or infinite capacity.

Rough Cut Capacity Planning
Provides a rapid view of the capability of a business to build products within specified customer service levels. It is possible to identify certain bottlenecks and highlight areas where resources are being under-utilised. This prioritisation, whether by capital plant or by labour, provides a high level, fast first cut view of the resources needed, enabling management to adjust efficiently to consumer demand.