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Sage Line 500 : Services

Benefits at a glance  

· Helps you manage and bill for after-sales service
· Provides sophisticated project accounting and project management
· Delivers sophisticated control in managing and accounting on a project basis
· Supports a range of billing scenarios including cost plus and staged payments

Keep on top of multiple projects

Sage Line 500 delivers sophisticated control in managing and accounting on a project basis, for both internal and external projects. You have full visibility of costs committed before expenditure is incurred, validation of expense against budgets and close tracking of costs. In the same way, you have the flexibility to bill by staged invoices or cost plus.

End-to-end contract management

Sage Line 500 provides an effective maintenance and revenue billing solution for all aspects of after-sales service. It delivers a framework for managing complex, high-value equipment with structured billing requirements for recurring charges such as rental, lease, service, maintenance or support. You have the flexibility to bill in advance, in arrears, and/or with consolidated invoicing.
Service Modules

Project Ledger

The Project Ledger is a user-defined cost repository mechanism designed specifically for project-based business. The module offers a complete slice-and-dice approach where data can be analysed from all angles and across any part of the organisation. It enables you to follow a project from its embryonic stages right through to full maturity.

Project Billing

The Project Billing module provides for the specific requirements of project-related billing and accounts postings. Fully integrated with the Project Ledger and Resource Ledger, this module allows you to define the services you provide to customers and subsequent rules for when and what to invoice.

Resource Ledger

The Sage Line 500 Resource Ledger offers comprehensive timesheet input facilities with the ability to determine default values for different locations, projects, sub-projects, rates and status allowing flexible costing whilst minimising the data entry burden. Definition of expense, resource and project types provides you with complete flexibility for reporting and enquiring on activity and for productivity analysis.

Contract Management

Contract Management involves both contract maintenance and revenue billing. It effectively handles all the financial elements involved in after-sales service requirements. Typically covering long term contracts due to the nature of setting up the contract in the first place, Contract Management provides the framework to handle complex, high value equipment with a structured billing requirement for recurring charges such as rental, lease, service/maintenance or support charges.