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The level of support given to customers of Gold Disk Computers Limited is what sets us apart from the competition. We are very much focused on delivering a good service all the way through a customer's lifecycle of a given package; this also includes maintaining and supporting the relationship which in itself is equally important.

Our support consultants are more than simple call loggers and have cross-functional skills across the breadth of the Sage Enterprise system. This enables them to deliver a more comprehensive resolution to a given problem. They also understand any impacts on other areas of the system a given resolution might have and work in conjunction with you the customer to continually educate and make you aware of the core problem and how it was resolved. Support covers can vary and include any one or all of the below :

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Back-ups' & Disaster Recovery
  • Fully managed implementations

    The above range of services are tailored to suit your business requirements and are flexible in delivery 
    (9am - 5 PM) / (24 - 7 Operations) or a mixture to suit your operational needs. We always try to adopt a one-stop shop approach so regardless of the use of any 3rd party products we try to encapsulate all your support requirements to ensure the buck stops with us. This way we can guarantee you the service levels agreed as they all fall under our area of responsibility. 

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