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Looking to extract data from your Sage ERP system?

It can be a daunting task, expecially if you’ve never used Sage 500 or Sage ERP 1000 V4 before, when your boss or someone else in your organisation says I need a report, like yesterday. Not only do you have to grapple with SQL, Reporting Services, Qlik View or Sage report Designer or similar but then you need to find where the data is stored. A few years ago one of our clients asked us that very same question. We therefore compiled a list of common tables in all the module areas (using visio and word). These very much hold water today, albeit some of the field names and or tables names have changed, but not a great deal.

As we’re a bunch of transparent individuals we’ve attached the documents here so click me to download them, they’re in ZIP format due to their size

Sage legacy systems

It is expected that Sage will soon announce withdrawl of legacy systems older than 2 versions from current.  Click HERE to read more & how this may affect you.

Do you know what your business pains are?

Business Pain? Do you have issues in your business model that are just not being identified or – even worse still – they have been and yet they’re not being resolved? Let us help you identify those pains and work together to resolve them making your business so much healthier than it is today.
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Why your ERP Partner is important!

The ERP system you choose for your Company is invariably important but not as important as the Company you partner with to handle the systems implementation and its support thereafter. 

“A strange statement.” I hear you ask?  Not really and read on as to why this is not as bizarre as it first seems.

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ERP Systems – Sage

ERP Systems : What are they in simple terms?  The acronym  stands for Enterprise resource planning.

Still confused? its simply a software package that handles the whole gamut of transactional activities that a Company needs to process to do their business. The functional areas the software covers are Finance, Manufacturing and distribution coupled with some Reporting facillity to extract information where standard reports do not suffice.
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