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Political Correctness Gone Piggy – Peppa Pig



I must admit to thinking it was perhaps April fools day over the weekend when I read an article on the following :

The fuss is all because apparently Peppa Pig is setting a bad example to children because they (the pigs) don’t wear seatbelts when they’re driving in their car in the kids programme : Peppa Pig.

The story is simply a demonstration of political correctness gone mad and people registering complaints for the sake of it. Peppa Pig for crying out loud is simply a kids program that is meant to occupy, be fun and stimulate through colour, fun or entertainment childrens imagination and brain. Its not meant to be taken literally. For goodness sake they’re pigs afterall and they only have one eye on their face at times.  Why on earth would they want to wear seatbelts, they’re pigs who normally wouldn’t sit in a car would they. Don’t insult the intelligence of Children or Adults. We all have responsibilities in life and people want to make us into a nanny state I think by saying everything we see must be health and safety conscious, politically correct, racially equal etc

Do we not have the responsibilty or ability to conclude what is right or wrong anymore?

Obituary: Lynne Tombs

It is with sadness we have learned that a previous client of ours passed after illness on Sunday Sep 27.

Lynne Tombs; who worked at COSI Budelpack, Wales, until December last year was not only a client but a friend and we would like take this opportunity to offer our condolences to her family and freinds.

Celebrity News – Day of mourning

Its been announced today that Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze, best known for his roles in hit films Dirty Dancing and Ghost, has passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.  On the same day its also been announced that Keith Floyd, who died on September 14 aged 65, was a flamboyant TV chef who tore up the old formalities of television cookery and spawned a generation of imitators; hugely popular during the 1980s and 1990s both for his programmes and his cook books, he was relentlessly unsuccessful in his numerous restaurant ventures. God rest their souls.

Carpet Cleaning – Stafford Business

We recently used a local carpet cleaner to give our carpets a fresh-look after enduring a torrid summer holiday from our childrens escapades.  We were really surpised with the results we got  and Jones of Eaton were the Company who undertook the work. They were professional, good value for money and very efficient.  So much we’ve blogged them by return and attached a link to their site here :  I thought before ringing them the result wouldn’t justify the costs but I admit I was wrong.


Congratulations to the England cricket squad for regaining the Ashes from the Aussies!   Hard fought and entirely deserved.  Bring it on Down Under 2010/11.

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