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ERP Systems : What are they in simple terms?  The acronym  stands for Enterprise resource planning.

Still confused? its simply a software package that handles the whole gamut of transactional activities that a Company needs to process to do their business. The functional areas the software covers are Finance, Manufacturing and distribution coupled with some Reporting facillity to extract information where standard reports do not suffice.

Why do Businesses need an ERP system : The simple answer is that ERP systems are not for everyone. Businesses continue to survive and manage with other software based solutions such as spreadsheets, Access Databases and other similar solutions in place.  However, as Companies grow in size (turnover, staff or business) then their needs are usually greater and the scalability of other such systems no longer can cope with the transactional volume.  Alternatively systems in place are causing issues with business continuity or customer service levels.  This can be the case where rekeying of data in several places is required. For example, the Inventory system is stand-alone from the Manufacturing system and hence the commonality of parts and or stock has to be maintained in two places?

ERP systems bring many benefits to bear in that they centralise information, make it accessible to all and aid business transparency.   The tangibles on a well implemented system are business efficiencies, improved information flows, greater customer service, reduced stock-holding, improvement in cash-flow, greater business reporting of sales, stock, performance against budget to enable greater descision making by management based upon being in an informed position.

If  you’ve read the above and can relate to the pains that can come from several disjointed systems and feel we might be able to solve these together or would benefit from a little time seeing if we can be of mutual benefit then contact us @ (01902) 422613

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