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Why your ERP Partner is important!

The ERP system you choose for your Company is invariably important but not as important as the Company you partner with to handle the systems implementation and its support thereafter. 

“A strange statement.” I hear you ask?  Not really and read on as to why this is not as bizarre as it first seems.

Invariably an ERP system such as Sage is being sought by a company to aid either their predicament (no real systems in-situ and the difficulty to find out what product, sells to what customer and at what point-in time is difficult) or some other business pain in obtaining management information. In the absence of an ERP system, a manufacturer may find itself with several software offerings that cannot communicate or interface effectively with one another.  The second reason ERP systems are sought is to aid a Companies business objectives without really having to exponentially employ a proportional level of staff to achieve that growth.   Therefore to a degree any proven ERP system whether it is Sage or one of its competitors will largely perform for the business its core functions. This is to say that ERP systems largely perform the same tasks (Control stock, hold customers, pricelists, suppliers and enable Accounts and reports to be generated for financial reporting requirements). After all ERP Software vendors have designed their systems around standard business processes, based upon best business practices.  The implementation of an ERP system takes a significantly longer time and level of resource than the selection process itself.

Therefore where most businesses will have a 95% fit of their business functions to the chosen ERP software if not greater.  The level of customer satisfaction post implementation is usually not the same. 

Why is this?

The root cause of dissatisfaction is sometimes difficult to trace as once things begin to go wrong objective thinking is replaced by emotion and sentiment which masks the cause.  Invariably though the selection of their chosen supplier to handle the Sale, implementation and Post implementation cycle (i.e. Support) is at fault.   The product will always have a level of functionality and benefits regardless of the Vendor.  Some may illicit more knowledge during the pre-sales process so this functionality is known but it either exists within the product or it doesn’t.  The selection of the right partner to partner the product is however a more complex conundrum.  Invariably a Company will only implement a new ERP system or significant upgrade every five years.  It therefore stands to reason that most Companies have little experience with their current employees to aid them in this process. The same cannot be said for the reseller channels who push their software offerings, who handle ITT (invitation to tender) documents and the resulting stalls and objections to their solutions almost on a daily basis.  It is with this said that many companies seeking an ERP system are therefore lambs to the slaughter.

The above points are to simply illustrate the salient point of picking the right partner to assist in any impending or future ERP projects you may be considering.  There are some very good products and moreover some very good Companies which you should engage in any solution.  Equally there are lots of bad ones which have vast practice in coercing Companies to select them.  Preparation for a project is paramount and done right need not be too daunting or over onerous. Ensure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there.  Remember the partner is only half of the team; the other is you and your Company.

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