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Sage 1000 - Business Information, Dashboards and Reporting

The right information - at the right time Sage 1000 offer’s users and managers powerful tools for extracting meaningful information, to assist them in day-to-day operations and strategic decision-making. You'll spend less time searching for information, and more time acting on it.

Customisable workspace
Sage 1000 brings relevant business data from right across the system, direct to users’ desktops. In doing so, it keeps your business ahead of the game by delivering essential information proactively. Thanks to a customisable workspace or 'View', users can see at a glance their key priorities, reminders and other critical information, such as traditional ‘dashboard’ items. Purchase requisitions requiring authorisation, new orders that have arrived, top five customers of the day, calls that must be made staff are instantly aware of everything requiring their attention. Easily navigating the screen, they can pick up on particular issues – such as noting a delay in a major order – and drill down to investigate the reasons.

Views can be constructed in minutes. Different Views can be assigned to different roles, and if required users can be allowed to further customise their own view. 

Ad hoc queries
Sage 1000 offers a 'Find' facility to easily locate information in the system. If required, users can build more complex enquiries using multiple criteria. Such enquiries can be saved for future reference.

Sage 1000 provides a comprehensive range of standard reports ‘out of the box’. If more information and analysis is needed, powerful reporting tools are included to customise existing reports or create new reports from scratch.

Business Intelligence
For advanced reporting and, ultimately, the creation of true business intelligence applications, Sage 1000 can integrate closely with Sage Business Intelligence. Running as part of Microsoft Excel, SageBI draws on your employees’ existing skills while providing in-depth intelligence about the behaviour of your markets, customers, manufacturing operations, suppliers, business performance and much more.