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Sage 1000 : Marketing Management

Maximising the effectiveness of your marketing spend 

Sage 1000 honour’s your ability to target the right customer first time and measure the effect of your marketing. In doing so, it eliminates guesswork to ensure your company’s marketing resources bring you best return.
Key areas of functionality include:

Profile building
You can use information recorded about your customers over the course of your relationship with them to build lists for targeted campaigns. Lists can be based on multiple criteria for precisely targeted marketing.

Campaign management
Assign, schedule and track marketing activities including all communications, details of leads generated and how they have been followed up.

Campaign assessment

You can accurately track campaign costs and match actual sales results to understand your return on investment.

Support for telemarketing campaigns
You can automatically schedule calls for telemarketing staff, and plan subsequent workflow based on the outcome of those calls. All call details such as length and outcome can be recorded, with details available to all Sage 1000 users with appropriate permissions. Connectors to Computer Telephony Integration allow further automation of your telemarketing activities.

Support for e-mail distribution
Sage 1000 makes it easy to create and distribute mass e-mail messages. You can create HTML e-mail templates and send attachments. Sage 1000 records all communications within a particular campaign, so that staff can easily view the exact email message received by a specific customer or prospect.

Links to Sage E-Marketing
Sage 1000 also links to the separate
Sage E-Marketing application, allowing you to manage fully-fledged email campaigns. This gives you the facility to create interactive emails, online landing zones and surveys; to manage bounce-backs and to write information back to your Sage 1000 system so you can hone future campaigns.