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Sage 1000 : Project Management

Tight control for your business operations

Sage 1000 offers powerful tools for handling internal or external projects, allowing you to closely track costs and manage billing:   

Job Costing
Sage 1000 provides you with an up-to-date picture of expenditure and revenue associated with specific projects. If used in conjunction with the financial ledgers, it’s possible to record purchases, revenues, time-sheets, and payroll items for each job to ensure all costs are taken into account when fixing a realistic price.

The analysis of expenses and revenues posted from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory Control functions are also supported.

Project Ledger 
Designed for project-based businesses, the Sage 1000 Project Ledger is a user-defined cost repository mechanism. It allows you to ‘slice and dice’ data from all angles, across any part of the organisation. Using the Project Ledger, projects may be closely followed throughout their life cycle. It is highly integrated to the General Ledger for consistent analysis of project-related data.

The Project Ledger is structured so that it can be used to provide extremely detailed, multi-dimensional analysis without a proliferation of codes in the General Ledger.

Project Billing
Supports project-related posting and invoicing. It enables you to define the services to customers along with the rules for when and what to bill. The module is fully integrated with the Project Ledger and Resource Ledger. 

Resource Ledger
Sage 1000 processes timesheets for your resources – human or otherwise. Timesheets may be quickly entered with automatic default values for locations, projects, sub-projects, charging rates, and status to minimise the data entry load.

By defining the expense, resource and project type, you have complete flexibility in reporting or enquiring by activity or productivity to analyse and assess where and to what effect expensive resources are being deployed.