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Sage 1000 : Supply Chain


Maximise the value of your supply chain, build strong networks   

Sage 1000 helps you manage a seamless flow of information and goods from your suppliers to your customers. Key areas of functionality include:

Purchasing Operations
You can configure the Purchase Requisition authorisation rules to support your purchasing hierarchy. By consolidating multiple requisitions for the same supplier into a single purchase order, you gain opportunities for economies of scale. Purchasing commitment is tracked through to the General Ledger, and real-time budget consumption is built into the authorisation process - so you avoid the risk of over-spending.

Inventory Control
By maximising the efficiency of your stock and department resources, Sage 1000 helps you deliver maximum customer service at an acceptable cost. It offers real-time multisite views of current and expected stock, and extensive inventory management features. 

Waste Management
Sage 1000 provides support for EU Waste Management regulations, analysing packaging requirements based on historical transactions including despatches, recipts and imports. Across the EU two methodologies have been adopted - one for the UK and one for Germany. The majority of EU members are adopting the German approach and Sage 1000 has been designed to support both methods.

Electronic Communication through EDI & XML
Sage 1000 includes connections to the most common EDI networks handling the various messaging standards and processing transactions to and from Sage 1000. In addition, an XML message schema has been created for the common Sales and Purchase Order Processing transactions, enabling the deployment of a complex rules-based system to process messages in and out of Sage 1000.