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Sage 1000 : Web Access and Self Serve

Giving your staff and customers access to the information they need – anytime, anywhere

Web technology has demonstrated its value in helping forward-looking businesses to sharpen their competitive advantage. Sage 1000 fully utilises that technology, both in terms of in-house use of the system and controlled external access for customers and business partners:

Secure thin client access - your staff access the Sage 1000 system securely using a standard Web browser, wherever they are located. Each individual’s access to the system is precisely controlled through central user rights administration.

By removing the barriers to accessing information, Sage 1000 empowers your teams to increase their own productivity and collaborate more effectively together.

Customer self-service – via the Internet, your customers have access to a dedicated, password-protected area of your Sage 1000 system. This allows them to directly access the answers to many of their questions: they can check the status of orders, log service requests and review the status of queries and complaints. All this without tying up your time on routine customer service phone calls, allowing customer service staff to concentrate on more complex tasks.